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Our farm in the annual rhythm

The Schornhof is located at 1400m above sea level on the sunny high plateau of the Reggelberg, where fox and hare say good night.
Careful, natural agriculture is a matter close to our hearts.
During the summer, our suckler cow herd with the bull grazes on the "Stockwiese", the pastors from our farm. Every day we visit the animals to check if everything is in order. You are welcome to accompany us!
In the remaining months the animals are on the meadows around the farm and in the free-range stable. Besides the suckler cow herd there are many other animals on the farm. So you can watch our herd at any time and look over our farmers at the work.
With love we take care of the garden and the plants around the house. Spoil your palate with the delicacies from our garden and farm.
Enjoy montain farmer live.

"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better" (Albert Einstein)


Fam. Lintner Rita und Markus
Lerch 23/1
I-39040 Aldein-Südtirol


Phone: +39 0471 886 559
Mobil: +39 346 793 3958